At Keep in News Productions we are experts in video production.

Thanks to our offices based abroad, our teams are provided with productions facilities all over Europe and the United States. Having our offices readily available makes shooting with Keep in News easy and safe.

Our correspondents are always ready to work. They are responsive, trustworthy and deadline driven.

Our motto: Always offering the best services, for the best prices.

New York


Our services

Pre-production :

Our journalists are here to investigate, set up interviews, and offer you a wide range of shooting locations –all of them being coherent for what you intend to shoot.

Shooting :

Our cameramen and DPs are always ready to get on the field and shoot anywhere in the world.

Editing :

Our bureaus all have editing facilities – mobile or not.

Files exchange :

Our bureaus are all equipped with very high-speed internet so that we can share HD video files in a snap between the US and Europe.

Production help :

Our local producers are here to help in anything you need from shooting permits to logistics in order to easily shoot abroad.

Contacts / Team


Thomas Viguier

Directeur Général

Xavier Reboulet

Production manager

Walther Fantola

Assistante de production

Gaelle Abrard

Our videos

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